To become a member:

  • Attend three consecutive meetings
  • Make a minimum of nine (9) house calls {consisting of four (4) board members and five plus (5+) other members, excluding your sponsor} by the third meeting (Note there is a possibility of a fourth meeting if more than one guest is up for membership in a specific category).
  • Achieve a majority vote by the Board of Directors

Criteria of all Membership:

  • Attendance (Note: there are only 10 meetings per membership year)
  • Guest Referrals
  • Participation in Networking and Social PBNA Events
  • House Calls amongst the membership
  • Business referrals from Members
  • Thank yous
  • Inviting Guests (2 guests per membership year)
  • Introductions outside the group
  • Being professional, ethical and enthusiastic
  • Keep current with all dues

The Membership Committee will monitor these criteria.

PROFESSIONAL BUSINESS NETWORK ASSOCIATION operates as a CLOSED NETWORK. Attendance and history with the group will determine which person becomes or remains a member. When a member leaves, that industry spot will then be open to previous guests as well as new guests until the group has voted in a new member for that industry spot.

ATTENDANCE is a primary criterion for all members at all meetings. Tardiness, early leave as well as habitual absences are strongly discouraged and group benefits are limited when a member arrives for a meeting more than 15 minutes late. As of September 2011 the following applies to the Attendance Criteria: * If a member has 2 Subs/Alt. that equals 1 Absence. If a member has 2 Absences they will receive a call from the Membership Chair. * If a member has a 3rd Absence he will receive a phone call followed up by a E-letter saying that he/she is subject to Termination. * If a member then has a 4th Absence he/she will be terminated and receive a phone call followed up by both E-letter and Letter by mail in regards to this. * Each member must attend at least one party.

DRESS CODE: A collared shirt & Jacket are required. (No jeans or sneakers)