Stephanie Rodin
Rodin Legal, P.C.
Attorney at Law, Healthcare
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Since my early childhood, I have been surrounded by healthcare professionals, as my immediate relatives are either physicians or dentists whose practices encompass a variety of specialties.  As a result, even before I decided to pursue a career in law, I was exposed to the medical/dental and legal issues that routinely arise during the practice of medicine and dentistry.

After many years working in the field of medical/dental defense malpractice, where I learned firsthand the pitfalls that await those who do not properly set up their practices, I established my own firm, Rodin Legal, P.C., in 2010 to provide advice, counsel and legal expertise to help my clients navigate the legal complexities attendant to the healthcare field.

My firm concentrates on assisting individual and multi-member practices to ensure their legal protection and profitability from formation until retirement.  From setting up the right legal entity to preparing practice consent forms to reviewing and drafting the necessary legal agreements, Rodin Legal, P.C. is the legal resource to inform healthcare practices of how best to protect themselves during expansion and growth, to avoid or reduce the likelihood of audits and run a practice with limited risk.