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Richard Bregman
Financial Planner

Richard Bregman, formerly of Chase Manhattan Bank (now JP Morgan), has been an investment advisor since 1991.

Richard’s interest in helping people achieve their goals led him to pursue law after graduating from Cornell. He received his J.D. from George Washington Law School and litigated for several years.

Not fully satisfied with trial law, Richard explored alternate ways to help people achieve their goals, particularly financial ones. He earned an MBA in finance from New York University, entered the investment management and advisory field, and became a chartered financial analyst (CFA). In 1997, Richard formed MJB Asset Management.

The 2000-2002 market turbulence was a watershed event for Richard, leading him to re-assess conventional wisdom and develop his “Respect the Realities” approach to investing and client relations.

“Respect the Realities” means accepting uncertainty as a natural condition and preparing for it. The typical “wait-and-see” or “hope-and-pray” financial service industry approach is a passive response that lessens the motivation for advisors to find effective alternative strategies. It also cheapens the relationship between advisor and client.

Richard understands that uncertainty can lead to fear and that fear demands compassion, a willingness to acknowledge and discuss client trepidation as a normal part of pursuing financial goals. “Respect the Realities” respects you, creating an opportunity for an authentic advisory relationship.

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