Louis A. Piccolo

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Financial Management Consultant
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Louis Piccolo
Financial Management Consultant

As founder and president of A. L. Piccolo & Company, Inc., a management consulting firm that has specialized in turn-around management since 1988, Mr. Piccolo provides financial, operational and systems expertise to a variety of industries in the U.S. and internationally.

A subspecialty of A. L. Piccolo & Co. is capital/debt procurement and start-up enterprises. With clients, both publicly and privately-held, whose revenues range from $1 billion down to $5 million, A. L. Piccolo & Co., Inc., with its 5 professional consultants, has rendered services to clients in the U.K., India, Singapore and Japan.

Some of the industries serviced are: retailing, manufacturing, property management, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, public relations, hotels and restaurants, food wholesaling, fashion, information systems, automated systems integration, office furniture dea1erships, theatrical set design and construction, health care, health and nutrition, publishing, architecture, window manufacturing, and retail malls.

In some cases, to ensure a continuity of advisory services, a successful turn-around or start-up will appoint Mr. Piccolo to its Board of Directors. Over the years, Mr. Piccolo has served on the Board of 4 clients in total, of which he currently serves on the Board of two.

The Firm
Founded in 1988, by Louis A. Piccolo CPA/MBA, A.L. Piccolo & Co., Inc., engages in financial, operational, systems and management consulting services to businesses of almost any kind. Located in midtown Manhattan, A.L. Piccolo & Co., Inc. has served clients in Europe, Asia, Canada and throughout the United States.

The firm is comprised of 5 professionals whose skills cover a broad and diverse spectrum of expertise in a variety of industries. The hallmark of its practice is its flexibility in that its professionals are available to serve its clients around-the-clock, 7 days per week.

The scope of the firm’s client service ranges from solving business problems on a one-time basis to periodic involvement to a continuing relationship in the form of interim management.

Another feature of A.L. Piccolo & Co., Inc. is its reasonable fee structure. This is born of its business philosophy to remain “smart-sized” and committed to low overhead.


Turnaround Management Consulting

  • Restoring a troubled company to financial health

Interim Management

Capital Procurement

  • Equity
  • Bank lines of credit
  • Other sources

Debt Workout and Reorganization

Business Plans

  • Financial
  • Strategic

Mergers and Acquisitions

Business Start-ups

Business Valuations

Due Diligence

Real Estate Financing and Consulting

General Management Consulting

  • Implementing efficiencies/increasing productivity
  • Marketing and business development

Financial Management Consulting

  • Cash management & investment planning
  • Cost containment/overhead reduction
  • Tax planning
  • Buy/Sell planning
  • Compensation programs
  • Employee Benefits
  • Insurance consulting

Special Projects

  • Negotiations
  • Automated systems
  • Ownership transition programs
  • Feasibility studies
  • Mediation
  • Personnel recruitment
  • Credit & collection

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