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Joel Greenwald, Esq.
Labor & Employment/Human Resources Consulting
Greenwald Doherty LLP is dedicated to resolving labor and employment law issues for employers in ways that strengthen the relationship between a company and its employees and contribute to a healthy workplace environment. Our clients get the benefit of our expertise, which comes from our years of experience litigating and negotiating labor and employment issues on behalf of management. Employees can be a company’s greatest assets. Yet, a company’s relationship to its employees can expose it to significant liability. In addition to our strong litigation practice, we offer consulting services on the legal aspects of human resources management, and work with our clients to develop policies, practices and protocols, which may help to prevent litigation by anticipating problems and providing appropriate guidance. Companies that work with Greenwald Doherty LLP enjoy several important advantages: • We partner with our clients. This creates the comfort level that can only develop when you work continually with the same group of dedicated professionals. No matter is ever delegated to someone who is not familiar with your needs. • We believe in preventative maintenance. We make it our business to keep our clients aware of developments in the law that can affect their compliance efforts, and we help then adapt their policies as needed. • Our up-to-date expertise allows us to respond rapidly to any employment or labor law question. Our continuing research and education in labor and employment law means that you get the highest quality work product, and you won’t have to pay learning curve costs.

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