Alan Yung

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EFY Sales, LLC
Vice President
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Company Overview:

EFY Sales, LLC is a NYC WBE-certified, supplier of accessories and specialty items for builders, large and small. We are a small business with a large product line and extensive vendor base. We can help streamline the purchase of:

  • Division 6 (architectural millwork)
  • Division 10 (Bathroom Accessories, Medicine Cabinets, Mailboxes, Bike Racks)
  • Division 11 (Residential Appliances)
  • Division 12 (Residential Cabinetry, Specialty Casework, Countertops).

Why EFY Sales, LLC:

  • Fast Response: We can meet and respond to accelerated delivery schedules.
  • Behind the scenes: You can hand off this part of the buy with the knowledge it will be completed without your micromanagement. You have the entire building to worry about; we don’t. Think of us as the little elves getting it done.
  • Challenging Jobs: We can find the items you don’t have the time to research.
  • Value Engineering: We can help you find ways to optimize your budget.
  • Value engineering
  • Overseas manufacturing management
  • Vendor neutrality

We are the catch-all suppliers for builders…all the things needed to complete a project but upon which, no one wants to focus.