To Attend a PBNA Meeting as a Guest

In order to attend a PBNA meeting, you must be sponsored by a PBNA member. PBNA has a non-competitive policy towards its members. This means that new members may only join if their business does not compete with an existing member business. Additionally, only individuals who are business owners, partners, or senior members of their business’s management team may join PBNA. If you think you may fit these guidelines, and you would like to attend a meeting as a guest, please visit our member listing. You will need to arrange to meet with a potential PBNA sponsor to see if that member can bring you as a guest to the next PBNA meeting.

PBNA Meeting Information

PBNA generally meets the first Wednesday of each month. Morning meetings are held at the 101 Club, located at 101 Park Avenue (entrance on 40th & Park Avenue). Please check with your sponsor to verify the meeting date and location.

Guidelines When Attending a PBNA Meeting

Guests are invited to speak at meetings. During the Guest Introduction segment of the meeting, guests have an opportunity to speak for one to two minutes about their business.

Please remember to bring business cards to pass around at the meeting.

The following are points the guest should address during the Guest Introduction presentation. Guests should not read off the questions and answers, but rather include these items as part of their presentation about themselves and their company.

  • What is the age and size of the Company?
  • What does the Company do?
  • What are the Company’s primary products and services?
  • What type of customers does the Company have?(i.e., industry, number of people, locations, etc.)
  • What geographic area does the Company service?
  • What percentage of the Company’s business is conducted in New York City?
  • What makes your Company different from your competition?
  • What is your Company’s web address?
  • What professional associations/groups are you active in?
  • What types of referrals can you bring in to the Network?
  • What type of referrals do you hope to get from the Network?

PBNA is a networking group with a Manhattan-based focus. Therefore, in considering new members, our criteria to be considered for membership in the PBNA includes whether or not they maintain an office in Manhattan, have a significant quantifiable client base in Manhattan and have a strong connection to the Manhattan business community. Membership is no way guaranteed to a guest invited to a meeting. Admission decisions for the Professional Business Network Association will be made initially by the general membership and then approved by the Board of Directors.